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The 3 Best Must Try Caribbean Dishes

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A Trip to the Caribbean as a Visitor

The islands of the Caribbean are filled with a wide array of luscious and appetizing meals which have both locals and visitors yearning for more after each bite while their taste buds leap in great delight. The rich spices and other special concoctions used to create these delicious Caribbean dishes are what make them so special.


On entering the Caribbean a visitor is greeted as royalty and as such has a plan mapped out for them of the three proponents which are most important in making their trip worth the while. These include having a bite or two out of the tantalizing food, swaying to the beats of the rhythmical music, both while observing the breathtaking scenery.


jamaican beach

In retrospect, the most enjoyable thing one can experience while visiting one of the divine islands of the Caribbean is the mouth watering delicacies which they behold.  Close your eyes and imagine a day by the beach, in the Caribbean, away from all the hustle and bustle of life at home, relaxing under cool palm trees in a serene environment having a mouthwatering plate of Caribbean-made eats.This amazing image can all become a reality if one takes the time out to vacate to the Caribbean.


1. Ackee and Saltfish Dish – Jamaica

If I was traveling to the Caribbean as a visitor and I could have three meals from any island I would first pick the national dish of my own home country Jamaica, Ackee and saltfish.  This is often times served up with sides of fried or boiled dumplings, banana, yams and a wide assortment of other side dishes based on the consumer’s preference.

ackee meal


This delightful dish is enjoyed by both locals and tourists alike who come to the island and often time see this rare meal for the first time and are astonished by the rich taste and aroma it possesses. According to an article entitled, “36 Hours in Jamaica” (March 27, 2014) by Baz Dreisinger in the New York Times this meal is one which the average visitor cannot afford to miss out on while “hitting the road” which one will do  a lot while on this small but intriguing island. This dish is any food lover’s dream come true.


2. Kallaloo Soup – US Virgin Islands

The second meal on my list which I would most definitely have if traveling to the Caribbean as a visitor is Kallaloo which is one of the many delicacies that can be found on the US Virgin Islands. The US Virgin Islands is a peculiar set of islands located in the Leeward islands and each island has some unique aspects of culture.Traditional food tends to be spicy and hearty.


Kallaloo, a succulent and mouth-satisfying soup made from leafy green vegetables similar to spinach is often flavored with any combination of the following: pig mouth, hot peppers, fresh fish, crab and a lot more. Both healthy and tasty, this meal is thus without a doubt my second pick on my list of top three foods to have when visiting the Caribbean.


3. Doubles – Trinidad, and Tobago

When visiting the Caribbean one seeks a calm and cool environment embodied by great music, dance and most of all food! The third must-have meal when visiting the Caribbean is Doubles. This popular meal can be accessed by visiting the soca central of the world, Trinidad and Tobago. While enjoying and moving to the beats of the steal pans and soca music at most hot spots one can work up an appetite. A tasty filler for one’s palate, this dish according to the Huffington Post is one of the 21 best foods of the Caribbean.


This appetizing meal is a sandwich made with two flat fried bread filled with curried chick peas. This dish is topped with mango, shadon beni, cucumber, coconut, tamarind, and extra pepper sauce. It makes one’s taste buds soar to the heavens and back in delight. This dish can be located all around the islands of Trinidad and Tobago, at many popular venues such as St. Helena Junction and San Juan.

A pick of any of these three tasty meals will definitely have one yearning for more.

Have you tasted any of the above meals? What are your views on them? Have you tried any other savory and tantalizing Caribbean dishes that you want to tell us about? Comment below and let us know! Don’t forget to share the post !

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