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Great Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Girlfriend

Looking for a birthday gift for your girlfriend but you’re totally clueless on what to get her? It may sometimes seem like a scary experience for you guys who want to get really nice gifts for your girlfriend’s birthday but don’t know what to get them. You want to get birthday gifts your girlfriend will love you for. Finding a birthday gift for your girlfriend may be easier than you think.





As a female, myself let me tell you right now, stop worrying! What you should do is start by paying attention to what your girlfriend says. Us females are really good at leaving hints. You may hear your girlfriend say something like, “I really like that purse” when you’re passing a store or maybe she says, “I’ve always wanted to taste the food from that restaurant.” What she’s doing there is leaving you hints on what she wants. By paying attention to what your girlfriend says you can actually learn a great deal about her likes. You can, therefore, use these hints in planning the next great birthday gift you’ll get her.



If it is that you’re still unable to pick up from what she says what she really wants, or she’s not one to leave hints you can use the list below to get ideas on what your girlfriend may like as a gift. Let me just warn you also that every female is different. Assuming you asked her pertinent questions such as what’s her favorite color when you both were just starting to talk, you can use those to help you in your gift purchase. Below is a list of MY  PICKS of great birthday gift ideas that your GF should surely love.



1. Flowers and a Card!birthdayflowers

Do you know what her favorite flowers are? Is she in love with roses or maybe tulips or just flowers in general? Getting her favorite flowers with a personalized birthday card saying how much you love her is a great gift. Try to have it delivered to her job or personally take it to her. That will have her feeling very special.













2. A Cake or another Sweet Treat!           birthday cake

Does your girlfriend enjoy sweet treats? Do you know your girlfriend’s favorite flavor of cake or sweet treat? Getting her a cake or another sweet treat for her birthday and even better getting some candles, putting it on the cake or treat and having her blow them out in a romantic setting is even better. If your girlfriend is vegan you can even get her a vegan cake or try to bake it yourself!











3. Makeup!  makeup birthday gift

Is your girlfriend a makeup lover? If so you can smartly ask her what shade of makeup she wears or what’s her favorite brand of makeup. If you think she’ll pick up if you do it that way you can always sneak into her makeup bag and check for yourself!








4. Jewellery!   jewelery birthday gift

Do you notice that your girlfriend likes earrings, rings, necklaces or other items of jewelry? You can get her jewelry as a great birthday gift. You can even have it personalized with her initials or her name to add a little spice to it.











6. Clothing! clothes shopping with girlfriend

Does your girlfriend always rave about wanting a certain item of clothing? Do you see your GF wearing the same pair of jeans every week or the same top? Maybe you should think about getting her clothes for her birthday. Ensure you know her size so you can get clothes that fit her well. If your GF is a bit picky you can take her clothes shopping so she can pick what she likes!





7. Perfume!  perfume gift

Most females love smelling great. Getting a new good smelling fragrance is something your girlfriend will adore. Does your girlfriend prefer light and airy scents or stronger scents? You can judge by what she currently wears often. Get her a great smelling perfume for her birthday and you’ll be loved!






5. Dinner  Date!   dinner date

A gift doesn’t always have to be a physical item it can just be an experience that you know she’ll enjoy. Do you know the kind of food does your girlfriend love? Is there a restaurant she has said she always wanted to go to? You can take her to a nice restaurant that serves her favorite kind of food or maybe a restaurant that you two have never been to. If you are good at cooking you can even cook at home and set up your own romantic dinner date there!







6. Adventure and Fun!  bobsled birthday adventure

Is your girlfriend adventurous? Does she love to have fun? Does she love the outdoors? You can plan an adventure trip with her to an amusement park or somewhere fun like a bowling alley or game place like paintballing. If she is a lover of fun things she’ll truly enjoy these places!





Be mindful that you don’t have to only get her one item from the list. You can even combine the gift ideas and make her enjoy her birthday even more!


Are there any gift ideas you’ve got your GF in the past that she loved you for? Are you a female that would like to add to the last of gift ideas you would love if your bf got you? Comment below and share your thoughts! Don’t forget to share the post on your social media!


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