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How to Make Money Online Fast using Upwork!



How I did it!

All I did was sign up my account by going to and selecting the Become a Freelancer button. It was that simple! Soon after, I landed a job and now I make money online as a side hustle! I have outlined the specific steps you need to take below. They will help you quickly and successfully land a job on the site. If you want to know how I went from being a broke college student to being not so broke and making a decent amount of extra cash in USD, continue reading. It’s really that simple!

However, have you ever heard the saying, “Rome wasn’t built in a day” ? Well, this very simple but realistic quote is indicative of everyday life. Whether you like it or not you have to work super hard to achieve real and honest success. Sometimes you may feel as If enough is enough. You may also be tired of trying. That last straw however, may just be the most profitable. Upwork is an easy sign up but it took hard work to get my profile noticed. If i had known the steps I outlined below before now , I would have been making so much more money from the beginning . Learning though has eventually helped me and also will help me to help you too.


The #1 Writing Tool

I speak on this as someone who had tried for a while different ways to make extra income. I tried this to supplement my school expenses and hadn’t been successful, until now . Being a University student is extremely costly. Bothering your parents for cash often is not a good look after a certain age either. The instinct of wanting to have some independence just kicked in, well for me that is. I was tired of being that broke college student who had no extra cash to spend. After I paid some money on my tuition each month, I was broke. I was also very tired of  constantly pestering my parents all the time.While searching I finally got a break through! Various sites to make money online seemed like a scam. However, I kept seeing the website, ‘Upwork’ coming up in blog articles as being legitimate. I said to myself, “Hey, why not, what could i possibly lose anyway as a broke college student?”



What is Upwork?

For those who may not be familiar with the website, (formerly is a platform which allows freelancers to create various types of content or products and provide services for businesses or individual clients.My specific interest in the website came from my wanting to gain extra income online to supplement my income from my 9-5 job. I have many skills which I consider valuable. These include Customer Service skills and Blog writing skills. I decided to make use of my skills by trying my hand at the whole freelancing thing. Clients on the website also require jobs from persons with a wide array of talents such as skills in WordPress SEO, Online Marketing, App creation and so much more. If it is that you are good at something whether it is Website Design, App Creation, Transcription or anything you can think of Upwork is an easy way to make quick money online!

I know most persons who may have a steady 9-5 job still find it hard to make ends meet. It wouldn’t hurt to make a little extra money to sponsor maybe a quick vacation, buying a new pair of sunglasses or to cover a bill that you may have due sometime soon. It doesn’t hurt to try it. Best of all it’s free of cost! There are no upfront or hidden costs! It’s not a walk in the park either. You have to do real work to get paid. Follow my simple steps below on how to get your profile up and noticed. You will land your first job in no time!  I can assure that you’ll thank me later!

Join, Earn Cash!


The Steps for Success!

In order to land my first job, the most important and valuable step I had to undertake was make my profile look as attractive as possible. Even though I had no Upwork job experience yet listed on my page. In order to bring this attractiveness to my profile I had to do the following:

  1. I did as much Upwork tests as possible in the areas which I would be offering my services. I tried my best to pass these tests with very high marks such as top 10 or 20% or Above Average. By doing these tests, it allowed clients to see that even though I had not yet landed a job on Upwork that I was very knowledgeable in the area of service that I was offering.
  2. I post a competitive but low offer rate on my profile as a newbie freelancer. The truth is most clients want to hire persons who they think will do the best job at the lowest rate. The offer rate is the amount of money you will charge to the client for completing the task for him or her.  By offering a low rate I was able to attract the likes of a client who needed some freelancers to write blog posts/articles but who would not charge too much to complete the task for her.
  3.  Be one of the first to submit your proposal. When applying for an advertised job on Upwork you are competing against hundreds if not thousands of persons to be the one selected to complete the job for the client. Speed is everything so its best If you try to submit your proposal as soon as it is posted so as to land in the batch of first submitters, therefore having a chance of being selected for the job.
  4. Make your proposal attractive. In your proposal you should be very detailed as to the strengths you believe the client will find most appealing in having his/ her task done the best . State experiences you have in doing the task in the past or if you have not done the task before highlight your ability and willingness to have the task completed as well as an experienced person would be.


By following the steps above you will definitely be able to land your first job in no time like I did. As I continue to grow my self as I am still a newbie freelancer, I will definitely continue to improve on my profile each and every chance I get and so should you.

Do you make money online through Upwork? Share with us in the comments below What you think of it! Like this post? Do me a favor and share it on your Social!

Happy Freelancing!





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  1. I heard about upwork from YouTube and I made my account their. It’s good website for the people who want to work independently. Wonderful website to earn few extra money 🙂

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