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Think Positive – Live Positive


Being positive is one of the key tools to having a happy and successful life.  I’ve realized that on the days that I woke up and recited a positive quote to myself in the morning I had a better overall day. In contrast, when I just got up and carried on with the day as usual and didn’t start it with a positive thought I felt unmotivated and disheartened throughout the day.


why is that


Your mind is a very powerful aspect of your body. Have you ever found yourself thinking something randomly and it got stuck in your head for a good while? Imagine someone saying a negative thing about you and it being stuck in your thoughts all day. That one negative thought can mess up your whole day. I’ve had persons say negative things about me in the past but because I didn’t know the power of positive thinking back then it would mess up my whole day. I would keep thinking about that one negative thing and my day would be filled with doubt and gloominess. It would be unproductive.


i was blind but now i see


Note: Positivity is keytosuccess


However, once I learned to counter those thoughts with positive ones I was well on my way to a positive life. We have to think positive thoughts in order to live a happy and successful life. Imagine if Mark Zuckerberg doubted himself and thought negatively about his ability to create what is now the biggest social networking site on the Internet, he probably  wouldn’t be as successful as he is today. I’m sure he would have had to have THOUGHT POSITIVELY that he could achieve it and that is why HE DID ACHIEVE IT Right now Facebook has around 2 Billion monthly active users on it. With one positive thought you can turn yourself into a walking success magnet.


I’m not going to say I haven’t had those days that negative thinking has tried to corrupt my mind but I had to bitch slap it instantly with a positive quote. I notice that whenever I think positively I am so much happier. I feel I can conquer the world!

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Find positive quotes (tons are available on google) and say one a day in the morning before you get anything done and trust me you’ll see an improvement in your overall mood and life.  Always remember that “A POSITIVE QUOTE A DAY, KEEPS THE DOUBT AWAY


Positive Quote of the Day:

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