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The Two Best Options For International Shipping

to Jamaica: My Picks



If you shop online and you live in Jamaica, it used to be a great hassle to find the best method of international shipping to Jamaica from an overseas country. There is the thought of expensive international shipping costs, lengthy shipping times as well as the fear of not receiving your item any at all. Most of us would have to wait till family members were coming down to Jamaica to get our items. That proved a great inconvenience especially if there was something that we wanted to purchase and get immediately that wasn’t available in Jamaica.


Luckily with mail and package forwarding services and other courier services coupled with advancements in technology, living in Jamaica and getting your online purchases is as easy as one, two, three. What I will really outline in this article are agencies and services which I have used or I personally know persons who have used that are of great service.


I remember many years ago wanting to purchase something online but not knowing how to get it to Jamaica. I thought the only option was to wait till one of my relatives came down. I don’t know about you but my relatives from ‘foreign’ only came down mainly in the holiday season unless it was an extra special occasion. So that would mean I would have to wait till either Christmas, Summer or Easter to get my items. Sometimes I needed the item long before that so I would just have to purchase the next best alternative out here in Jamaica.


I’m so glad for the country’s advancement over all. We can now purchase something today online and get it by the end of the week for a pretty low cost. Below is my list of favorite Shipment agencies that are awesome at offering great shipment services.


  1. ShipMe


ShipMe was launched in December 2011 and is an online shopping, package, and mail forwarding service. I truly enjoy their service. It is easy to register with them and registration is free of cost and can be done online. Once you register you get a US shipping and mailing address. When you order online your packages are sent to that address and sent to Jamaica via air flight. ShipMe then clears your packages for you at Customs and you can pick up the package at their local ShipMe office on Ripon Road. The rate you are charged is based on a combination of the weight and price of your item. Their calculator on the site can help you estimate how much your rate will be for the item you are shipping.

If it is that your package costs over  USD$40 and weighs more than a pound you are charged a higher fee. If you are shipping more than one item and the combined cost is more than USD$40 it is best to split them up into different shipments.


2. Reliable Courier JA

reliable courier ja

I have not personally used Reliable Courier Ja before but a close friend of mine has and finds that they provide excellent service. They are a Courier service located on Molynes Road which by their mission statement, ‘provide efficient and cost effective courier service from overseas to Jamaica.’ They also offer an online signup option, after which you receive your personalized US shipping address via email. Once you get that information you can start shopping online and putting their shipping address for packages to go to. I am told that the wait time for shipments is very short and they also offer delivery to a location of your choice once the package arrives on the island.

Their rate is primarily based on the weight of the item. The approximate charge for a 1 pound item is USD$6.00. They offer a calculator on the site so you can calculate for any weight amount. However, once the item is over USD$50.00, a customs charge is applied to the cost of the item.


Other Agencies that Ship to Jamaica:


Do you use any of these shipping agencies? Did you have any good or bad experiences with them? Do you know any other good shipping agencies that ship to Jamaica and you highly recommend? Please share your thoughts below! Don’t forget to share the post!

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