The Dilemma of being a Female

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The Female Period

So we all as females have to go through that dreaded time of the month called the ‘female period’. Yes, we panic each month when our ‘female period’ is a little late. This is only because our imagination starts going wild and pictures little toddlers running around. Then we feel a sense of relief when that PMS starts kicking in. That sense of relief, however, is very short lived as we then remember what actually comes with it.

When on your period as a female you go through the first 1-2 or sometimes 1-3 days wishing you could be a male so you don’t have to endure the consequences. Some men may think we’re over reacting but we actually aren’t. Imagine feeling like your stomach is being punched like a punching bag due to cramps every single month. We have to keep painkillers on hand just to prepare our self for this pain a few days out of each month. Us females have work or school to go to but we are feeling immense pain and grossness. We have to drag ourselves out the bed anyways so we can “look forward” to the day ahead.

Fatigue comes with the whole event so we feel slouchy for the whole day. Not to mention that we have to be careful not to laugh, sneeze or cough too hard as to avoid the big “gush” that may come with it. Many females including myself just wish they could curl up in a ball all day in bed during those days just being fed and pampered. Other females just wish they could go into hibernation for just those few days without being bothered by anyone.

Another thing that comes with “that time of the month” is that we feel super bloated. On top of that, we’re still always hungry so you can imagine the sight of that tummy! I normally just wish I could binge watch movies and eat chocolate all day but that would be terrible right? Your nipples become so tender that you don’t even want to put on your blouse. Oh yeah! How could I forget? I don’t know about others but my period comes super heavy on the first few days so whenever going out on those days I have to go to the bathroom often just to make sure there aren’t any leakages. Even though there aren’t your mind just lets you feel as if there is so your in a state of paranoia for pretty much the whole day.

There are so many other things that come with being on your period that we females are so brave about. Most of us have to go about our daily lives with a smile on our face while enduring the effects of the period underneath our facade. Well, I guess that’s what comes with being a female. I think us females are so powerful and are such Queens to bare this each month and still act as if we are all fine and dandy. To all Females out there I salute you. We are all so strong.





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