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Yes, I’m speaking to you! Yes, you. The guy over there currently doing that one thing that we females hate and not even realizing it! I’m pleading stop doing things females hate right now! Or you’ll always be getting Ls and not Ws.


Females can be very confusing humans at times. Figuring us out may be the hardest thing for a guy to do. However, knowing our likes and dislikes is one piece to figuring out the puzzle. Are you a guy who doesn’t know why you may have said or done something but females always seem annoyed or angry with you? Most times females react a certain way based on something that was said or done which they dislike. Females sometimes tend to show a sense of disgust for a reason but we don’t always tend to openly share the reason immediately. As a guy, knowing how to back track and identify what you may have said or done to evoke that emotion from her can help you with solving the problem.


Below are five things females hate that guys do. By identifying and correcting these actions, you’ll definitely be able to get positive reactions from a female every time.


1. Approaching Us the Wrong Way!

This is for guys who are not in a relationship and are trying to get with a female or trying to meet female friends. The easiest way for you to get rejected or shown a bad face is by approaching a female the wrong way.

girl rejects guy approach

Guys have a tendency to want to come up to females and touch them and say “What’s up baby?” or “Baby, can I get to know you?” or “Can I get your number sexy?” While I do understand you’re trying to get to know her because you are attracted to or interested in her, when those statements are made or similar statements the first things that come to her mind are:

  1. “Hold up, did he just touch me, why is he invading my personal space?”
  2. “Why is he calling me baby, I’m not his baby?”
  3. “Sexy, that’s a compliment but he only wants sex”


Use more subtle phrases such as “Hi, How are you doing today?” “I saw you over there and thought you looked beautiful/great” (Most females love being complimented when they are approached but in a non-provocative and polite way.)


2. Ignoring Us when we speak!

ignoring a female

Most females love to communicate their feelings and love to be heard. Ignoring us while we’re talking especially during an argument is a sure way to be placed in the dog house.


Whether or not a female may seem to be rambling on, allow her to communicate her feelings. Trust me, she will eventually stop. Once you ignore her or even interrupt her or dismiss what she is saying, that’s when she’ll never stop talking! She’ll be angry at you and you won’t get any that night. That’s a major “L” for you.

3. Comparing Us to Other Females (In a bad way)!

looking at another girl

Females hate it when guys try to negatively compare them to other females for example:

When a guy says “Why don’t you wear tops like what she(the other female) wears?” or “Why don’t you do your hair or makeup like hers” or “So and So wouldn’t do that.” Those comments can definitely make a female very angry and even hurt her self-esteem.


It’s better to not compare than to compare.


4. Flirting with Other Females!

flirting with another female

This is for those guys in a committed relationship with your significant other. Now, this can be tricky because there is a difference between being friendly and flirting.

Flirting is when you indicate some sexual attraction to another person either by words or actions. Being friendly is okay but when you cross the boundary by being flirty and saying statements such as:

“Wow, sexy ” or “Wow gorgeous”  It may come across as disrespectful to your girlfriend who is standing there awkwardly or who finds out somehow that happened.


Every female is different. Every girl may not have a problem with certain statements made. Speak to your Girlfriend about what she considers flirting and what she wouldn’t like you to do or say to another female and you can do the same to her re flirting with males so you both are aware of boundaries.


5. Taking Forever to Text Back!

not texting back

The most annoying thing ever is when we text guys and they take ‘a year’ to reply. Did you get stuck in a hole or did you get lost on an island with no signal? Whatever the reason is for taking so long to reply please fix it!

Whether it is that you are just starting to talk to a female or you have been together for a while. Once you start taking forever to respond, unless you have a really great excuse(but this still shouldn’t be the case all the time), that seems to us females that you are no longer interested. Then our imagination goes wild and we start to get angry. That then leads to bad faces, one-word answers and distance from the girl. Some girls move quickly and may even find someone else to show them interest if you are gone M.I.A too long.


If you’ll be taking forever to reply due to a really good reason let the female know before hand, don’t leave her in the dark.


What other things do guys do that you absolutely hate? Let us know in the comment section below and don’t forget to share the post!

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