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When I was just entering college I wish I knew as much as I do now that I’m finally finished with college and about to graduate. Some great college advice would have helped a lot. Don’t get me wrong I got brief college advice during orientation but not as much as I would have liked. Entering college or university as a first year student/Freshman entails a lot of trial and error. It’s a whole new ball game where you HAVE TO become acclimatized to your new surroundings.

You definitely cannot go into university or college with the same High School mentality. I had to learn that on my own as I got a rude awakening. I entered University thinking that I would just be able to breeze through. However, upon delving deeper into my college semester I realized that would not be the case. I had a lot to learn and fast If I wanted to survive and complete university successfully.


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What I Wish I Could Tell My College Freshman Self 


1. You have to motivate yourself to go to Class!


Being forced to attend class by a teacher is no longer a thing once you enter college. At first I thought, “Great I can relax!” I thought wrong ! What this means is that I had to find the energy from deep within to motivate myself to class If I wanted to truly be successful in those classes! Yes some classes do give marks for attendance and participation so getting up and going to class is definitely your best bet.



2. You cannot wait until the last minute to do Course Work!


YOU WILL, I repeat, you will feel stressed out if you decide to write your 10 or 12 page paper the day before it’s due. Waiting till the last minute to do your coursework is a sure way for you to stress yourself out and fail the assignment. Always start the coursework from long before the due date so you can have time to double check and even gain advice from the lecturer him or herself to see if you’re on the right track.







3. You cannot go to every single college party that comes around!

college party

Yes, I know you heard that college parties are hype and fun and you want to go to every one. However, sometimes college parties are held during the week with classes being the next day. You have to learn to sacrifice some party days and rest up. Remember your college success come first. If you know you will be too tired to go to class the next day or finish your coursework that may be due, pass on that party. There will always be more to come around.



4. You need to Make friends and Network !

college friends


Making friends and networking with persons in college is a very important thing to do. It helps you become more sociable and will help you in the long run too. I’ve read that networking can help you with your future career as well. Making friends will make those stressful days of college also more manageable.



Hopefully these words of advice can help a freshman out there struggling to adjust in his/her first year of college/university.

What other words of Advice would you give your college self? Comment below!




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