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Below is a list of the best sunglasses to fit your face shape

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Whether you’re looking for shades for every day wear or for a nice trip to the beach, finding the best sunglasses for you is key. Finding the right sunglasses for your face shape can enhance your look a 100 times more.

Ever saw someone in sunglasses that didn’t fit their face and thought, “something looks off with that person’s outfit”? Maybe you found a nice looking pair of shades but when you looked in the mirror it didn’t quite fit .

Knowing which sunglasses will fit your face shape will help you a lot in accessorizing a killer outfit. Also, try not to be that person with the overly huge sunglasses that are falling off their face and making them look like Flik from the movie ,’A Bug’s Life’. That’s definitely not a good look! Try not to have your sunglasses too small either that they’re squeezing the life out your face.

The best sunglasses for you are the ones that fit the curves of your face and enhance your whole aesthetic.




round face    Round Face Shape


  • Try sunglasses with wide rectangular frames or cat eyes
  • Angular framed sunglasses balance out your features


round face sunglasses




long narrow faceOval Face Shape 


  • Just about any type of sunglasses fit this face
  • You can play around with fashion forward styles

oval face sunglasses




square face    Square Face Shape


  • Wear sunglasses that soften your features
  • Try round shades or aviator styled glasses

square face sunglasses


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