5 Things Guys do that Females Hate!


Yes, I’m speaking to you! Yes, you. The guy over there currently doing that one thing that we females hate and not even realizing it! I’m pleading stop doing things females hate right now! Or you’ll always be getting Ls and not Ws.   Females can be very confusing humans at times. Figuring Continue Reading

Birthday Gifts Your Girlfriend Will LOVE YOU For

gifts for girlfriend

Great Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Girlfriend Looking for a birthday gift for your girlfriend but you’re totally clueless on what to get her? It may sometimes seem like a scary experience for you guys who want to get really nice gifts for your girlfriend’s birthday but don’t know what to get Continue Reading

Shipping to Jamaica: What are your Best Options?


The Two Best Options For International Shipping to Jamaica: My Picks     If you shop online and you live in Jamaica, it used to be a great hassle to find the best method of international shipping to Jamaica from an overseas country. There is the thought of expensive international shipping costs, lengthy Continue Reading

The Best Products for Acne Prone Skin : My Picks


  Tired of the stress your acne is causing you?  I know that feeling all too well.  I suffered from having acne prone skin for many years.  Having tried many different products over the years, only a few have worked for me. The list of products listed below are the products that Continue Reading